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Thank you

Thank you, all you who have walked with me.  I have the feeling now, that for me, this journey is taking a different turn.  You are welcome to join me, and continue to walk with me, but I feel like I’m ready to throw away this map that was Well-Being Journey.  It served it’s purpose, and hopefully it helped someone along the way, but I’m in a different space and a different body now, and it doesn’t feel authentic to leave this out there anymore.  This site will be going.


I tried what I thought was “enlightened” dieting and exercise.  I can now see that it was still me trying to fix things (which means I saw problems) on the physical or symptom level.  It didn’t work for long.  And all that I thought the physical change would heal in me was still there, even when I looked slim and fit. I was still uncertain of myself, believing I was not good enough and not worthy of love and abundance. It was never enough.  I can see now it never would have been enough.

I gave all that up about two years ago.

A Course in Miracles has helped me see that true healing (of any seeming problem) is a healing of the misperceptions about who I really am and what I truly deserve and all that I am and have.

I would be blessed if you want to join me at Loving Release and Loving Release on Facebook, a site I have been running along with WBJ for a couple years now. I will be doing more personal sharing there.

I am open to new pathways and trust that I will be duided.  I would love to truly join with anyone who feels so moved, in online meetings or face-to-face.  I’m ready.  Are you?

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Big Understanding, Clarity and Forgiveness!

Abraham talks about launching rockets of desire. When we encounter strong feelings about something we really don’t want to be the way it is, Abraham says we can see this as launching a strong rocket of desire.  Well, this week, I launched a big, big rocket of desire, to the tune of an old familiar song….the I Want My Body to Look and Feel Differently song. Do you know that one?  I find it easy to sing, and that’s funny, if you have ever heard me sing!

But, I’m a serious student of A Course in Miracles and I love Jeff Foster’s book The Deepest Acceptance and I’m in a 40 Day Program right now! We are near the end. Today is day 35. I’m supposed to have it all figured out and coast through on a miracle laced high, right??  Why this, why now??

I’ve renounced diets and emotional eating. I’m exercising. I’m eating when I am hungry. How could I feel this badly?

I’ve spend the last week reading books about overeating and repairing my metabolism and “recomp” and feeling a bit angry and guilty about the damage I’ve caused my body and psyche with my past dieting  and exercising exploits. I could feel myself getting pulled into that vortex of “fixing,”  and needing to be fixed, again.  BUT, this time it’s different. A challenge is but a lesson we did not learn before, and we are given another chance to choose different (to very roughly paraphrase ACIM).  I have been given yet another chance, and I was reminded to look within, just keep looking within.

What do you know, it has indeed all come together. (Thank you, Lavina. You were soooo right!!) I can’t even begin to map the path or log the gifts of learning as they came to me, but in bits and pieces, from friends and teachers, I got to a better place this morning about my body, my purpose, and God.  And that’s all I can ask. Now, I am clear. Now, I feel good. Now, in this moment, I am clear about who I really am and why I am here.  And yes, it’s going to be spiritual and physical.  I am being helped by those who understand how to know God and by those who have really studied the body. I am accepting help, and taking responsibility.  I’m stepping away from, yet again, blame of any kind.  It doesn’t serve me or anyone else. This time I’m growing in love. I am recommitting to putting my beliefs into practice in my own life. I don’t believe lasting change is gained from punishment or coercion. So, I won’t do it to myself any more, and I forgive myself for attacking myself and others in the pursuit of my desires.  I am here for a reason and I can best accomplish that from a state of love, forgiveness and appreciation. About everything. And everyone. Including myself, who is not this body.  So, here I am, in this body, having yet another adventure, thankful for another day.  Let’s play!


I love the fact that I couldn’t decide where this belonged, so I shared it on both my sites, Well-Being Journey and Namaste, Radiant One, because there is no separation. It is physical and spiritual. So be it. We are One.

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A Course in Miracles and My Year in Review



I started this as an advert and endorsement for Lisa Natoli’s 40-day Transformation Program, and don’t worry, it still will be, but in an effort to share what her program has meant to me, this had to turn into a year in review.

I picked up A Course in Miracles (ACIM) at a charity shop a few years ago. It was a big book, very thick, with a plain, green cover. But somehow I was drawn to it. I don’t really remember hearing much about it before then, but I brought it home and tried to read it. It was heavy!  Yes, in both ways, and I just couldn’t get into it. I put it aside and got on with my spiritual journey.

Again, my memory is sketchy, but I’m sure it was my dear soul-sister, Lavina, who told me about Lisa and put me on her mailing list. I was opened to the world of ACIM yet again, and this time with some fellow travellers and guides.  And so I bought ACIM for Kindle, released the paperback block to someone else and started reading the text and enjoying Lisa’s emails. Then, with Lavina’s encouragement, I signed up for the 40-day Transformation Program.  From Day 1, the 1st of May 2013, I wrote in my journal “Stop thinking about your problems and think about God instead.” (Emmet Fox)

I also wrote my commitment to the program, to the 40 days and to seeing things differently.  It is interesting to look back to that time, and especially the exercise about my “grievances.”  I had a few, yes…ok, a few big ones!  And now, looking at those grievances, they have all be resolved, or just melted away. The circumstances haven’t necessarily changed, other people in my life have not been magically transformed, but I see them differently. And I am at peace. Even if they never, ever change.  I see who we really are, I see that God has a plan, and I trust and know that everything is being handled.  And for a lot of the time, I’m at peace. And when I’m not, I can come back to this, and remember it all again. And I have been doing just that.

Throughout the year, I have continued with the Art of Spiritual Peacemaking lessons (that will finish just into the new year), and started the workbook lessons in ACIM. I am always reading many things, but they all reinforce and expand on each other in such beautiful ways, I can’t imagine it any other way.

I can’t talk about 2013 and not talk about my Dad. All this work on inner peace and acceptance (ACIM and other guides) was perfect for 2013, as my Dad, who appeared quite healthy, suddenly found himself facing a very serious diagnosis last January.  From day one, I committed to acceptance and love. It was clear to me that this situation, my Dad and my Mom, and my family, did not need my resistance or questioning.  Instead, I decided to start an uplifting email list, which continues. I’m in England and my family is in Pennsylvania. There were many personal challenges in this for me, as well as my compassion for everyone else.  But I was committed.

This commitment is new for me. It’s deeper. And it’s extending out into my life. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s one reason that I really recommend for the 40-days (back to the advert).  It is not to be taken lightly or sampled, and yet it will be joy-full. It is not casual, but it’s not formal, either. Lisa will ask for your commitment to yourself and the program. I think 40 days is a good time to spend committed to seeing things differently and listening to God and remembering how to live in joy and gratitude, seeing the Divinity of us all. 

When summer came around and Lisa announced another 40 days to start in August, I shared and encouraged others, but thought I wouldn’t get so involved the second time. But a few of my friends signed up and I decided to jump in again. I’m so glad I did, and honestly, I’m really looking forward to January 1st. Yes, the advert part is there is still time to sign up here!  And it’s free!! Beautiful, loving, fun and free!

The second time through the 40 days was different—it got more personal. I didn’t share in the group as much, and I went deeper with forgiveness and looking at how I attack and what my real, true, deep goals are.  I explored “I need do nothing,” and enjoyed how it unfolded itself to me. I practiced surrendering with grace and acceptance, and miracles did happen. I did see things and people differently. I deepened my relationship with God.

Through the autumn, I deepened my love and appreciation for my parents. I loved them through Dad’s illness, offering the only thing I seemed to have to give. We all expressed our love much more openly and freely, and I got to see my Father get to see how much he is loved. At one point, about halfway through, as food, prayer blankets and all kinds of practical assistance poured in from family and friends, he said to me, “Aimee, I have always believed in the Golden Rule, but I don’t remember being this nice to anyone.” I assured him that he had, in his own, unassuming way. I saw my mother, clearly, as a strong woman with a strong faith.

I began to accept that this was my father’s time to transition, but remained open to any and all outcomes. I remained open to love. And just before Christmas, my father passed. I love and miss my Dad, but I know he is now experiencing a love far beyond what he was so impressed with here during his illness. I know he is experiencing himself as pure spirit, and I know he is more free than I can even imagine while I am still here.  I know he gets it….all of it.

I am so grateful for my time in Lisa’s 40-day programs. They have appeared at just the right time for me, and so, if this sounds interesting, or feels right, maybe this is appearing at just the right time for you. You are welcome to join us.  This time, for me, I am sure that it will really be about me. I get that I don’t really have any grievances with anyone else, just me. I get that I don’t have to heal anyone else, just me. I get that there is nothing to forgive, because we are all sinless. And I plan to enjoy going even deeper.

Sign up here!


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Doing What I Love

What could be better for my well-being than doing what I love? When I’m doing something I really enjoy, there is no sense of time, except maybe a desire for more time! Sometimes there is fun and laughter.  Other times there is focus and concentration.  And when any of these moments are shared with someone, the experience is all the more rich. These are the things that feed our body, mind and spirit.icture this…

Expecting a rainy day, a little jewellery party came together last Saturday. Two young friends came by with their projects and I got out mine. We were each working on something different, but certainly had our noses in everything. It was fun to share and collaborate and get opinions and laugh. Some things worked, and some didn’t, and in the end we didn’t accomplish as much as we might have and no one wanted to go!  We didn’t even pause to eat the muffins I had made.

When I’m in the kitchen, baking, cooking, creating, and trying new recipes, I get stuff out everywhere, I get more than one thing going at a time, I taste and stir and preheat and bang around. And next thing I know, where has the afternoon gone?  The smells and sounds usually bring some hungry soul in to see what I’m up to and have a taste test.

When I’m out in nature, enjoying the air, the sky, the clouds, the trees, the grass, the garden, everything, I’m at peace. I smile a lot. And, usually, my dear husband is nearby, too. We don’t even have to talk much, we just enjoy it each in our own way, and we are renewed.

And when I’m teaching music, playing music, or practicing music, all is right with the world.  It’s fun. It’s challenging. I get to make pretty sounds and enjoy mixing my sounds with others, or observe the progress of the pretty sounds of my students.  I get to find new ways to work something out, or explain a concept. There are always discoveries and delights.

None of these things is all easy, or all fun and games. There is a mix of challenge and enjoyment, there is frequently a feeling of accomplishment, and there will always be a smile at the thought of time for any of these activities.

What has come to mind as you read this? What are you eagerly anticipating? What could you do today that you would just really enjoy? Are you going to?  Why not??  It’s good for you!

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Jeff Fosters says, boldly

 “I teach one thing and one thing only: a deep and fearless acceptance of whatever comes your way.

Thank God for that! The more I get it, the more I realize he’s not the only one. Eckhart Tolle is just as bold in The Power of Now. Abraham (through Esther Hicks) speak of releasing resistance and going with the flow, and I think the Vortex they speak of is just this place where deep acceptance allows us to connect with all that we truly are. Resistance and fear only block our well-being, joy and love.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer asks (in The Dance)

 “What if there is no need to change, no need to try to transform yourself into someone who is more compassionate, more present, more loving or wise?”


“What if the essence of who you are and always have been is enough?”

These are radical statements and ideas. And yet, I am sure they are worth bending our minds around and opening our hearts to. Assuming Inner Peace sounds good to you. It does to me!

I am done fighting. I am done resisting. Yes, I have declared myself, removed myself from conflict. And yet, I do get seduced by a bit of drama still, but I know I can choose to turn myself around and walk away. Or I can choose to stand in the midst and observe and offer my peace and love. Because I now know peace. I’ve tasted it. I know acceptance is the key. And I want more.

And I want you to try it, or at least be tempted. Aren’t you curious? Or at least tired? Struggle, resistance, conflict, and suffering are exhausting. Are you ready to try a different way?

Dr. Claire Weekes, an Australian GP, found a physical and practical form of accepting and used it to help many, many people heal their anxiety. In her books, she describes a physical and deliberate relaxing of the tension that is often based in our stomach area as the basis for accepting physical symptoms of anxiety and panic.  It is not for the purpose of changing the symptoms, but to stop the fear of what is happening and stop the cycle of fear and panic. She talks of not running or hiding from what we are feeling or experiencing.

“Acceptance is a definitive physiological process that eventually soothes.”

The beauty of all of this is that it only takes a change of perception, a change in your heart and your attitude that will lead to a feeling of physical and emotional ease. You can stop needing anyone or anything else to be different. (That’s exhausting, too, isn’t it?)

As Jeff Foster says

“Circumstances can never really cause our suffering; it is always in our response to circumstances that we suffer.”


“Our suffering is rooted in our unwillingness to feel what we feel, to experience what we are experiencing right now.”

We create our own suffering when we resist, avoid and fight. Think of the most simple or the most horrific situation—you can always find those who will tell you how it was a blessing in disguise or who have gone on to be settled and happy, despite this situation, and you can also find those who are still reliving the moments, blaming and railing against someone or something, and protesting the unfairness or the despair. What is the difference if they were both there, or both in similar circumstances?


I said simple, not easy. Simple means not complicated. As Wayne Dyer says, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.”  Scientists now understand how our observing changes whatever we observe.

So, are you willing to see everything differently?

A Course in Miracles talks about God’s plan. When we accept, it is like saying

“Only God’s plan for salvation will work.”

—Lesson 71

And then we understand that

“Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.”

—Lesson 72

It reads like acceptance. Everything is God’s plan. When we try to force or resist, we are going against the plan. Grievances are our complaints, our blame, our denial, and our suffering.  Salvation is our Peace and joy.

A few days ago, soon after doing these lessons, I was out for a walk, feeling good, even though I’m weighing more than I would like, if I am honest, and I got it. It all clicked. The idea of being in the now moment, of accepting, and of God’s plan. I nearly cried out, “This is it. Now is God’s plan. This moment, right now, this is God’s plan.” It just made so much sense. All the way through. And I thought, why on earth would I fight it? At that moment, the thought of complaining about anything was just ridiculous. Remembering this moment will help me in others!

We choose how we respond to any moment or person or comment or event.

So, are you ready to start practicing?

I took a break from writing this blog to go for a walk, knowing I could be called back at any time.  Walkie-talkie in hand, I set off, in good spirits, enjoying the sunshine and thinking about acceptance. I thought about how we can start with little things, regular moments, and gradually gain experience and confidence. I thought of some of my own experiences, where I have been conscious of the choices, and then I got the call. “Come back.” I was at the furthest point. I was not planning to run. And yet, I was needed. And I was in full acceptance. So I ran as much as I could. I smiled at the thought of a perfect practice situation to tell you about. All is well. This is acceptance. I could have grumbled, complained, or wished for a different scenario, but this time, from that easy space of acceptance, I sprang into action and enjoyed the unexpected blessing of a motivation to run.

Are you ready to try?

Well, why not? You’re still here. You’ve read this far. Something must be intriguing you. (Or you are my friend or my mom, and I thank you!)

So, pause. Has all this stirred up anything? If so, just notice it. Are you reacting? Have you Googled or Kindled any of the people or books I have mentioned?  Don’t forget YouTube. Are you annoyed? Can any and all of those reactions just be ok? Did you notice that you’ve let go of what happened earlier or the deadline that is in your future? They still exist, but in the moment, they don’t need your attention, and you are ok. This is a taste of acceptance. Sit with it. See how long it lasts.

So, you’ve had a taste. I’ve shared a lot of sources, like recipes, because, like most things, there is more than one way. Jeff Foster didn’t gel with me the first time through, but the second time was like coming home. Now I visit when I like, and always feel welcome. Jump in where you are. Have a taste. And enjoy the peace.

Namaste, my friend.


Deepest Acceptance by Jeff Foster

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

More Help for your Nerves and other books by Dr. Claire Weekes

The Dance by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

A Course in Miracles

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Inspirations come in all shapes and sizes, and today I was just struck by the inspiration I get from my friends. I don’t have one guru or follow one way of thinking, but I have a lot of beautiful, inspiring friends.

In a lovely little appreciation-fest, I thought about my brave friend, who is asking to live life fully, and I thought about my amazing and beautiful friend who is teaching self-love and self-expression by example, and I thought about my friend who is becoming who she wants to be, despite many really negative messages throughout her life, and I thought about the most positive person I know, and I thought about my friend who has lost more than you can know, and more than you will ever know, because he doesn’t talk about that, he just shares his love and gifts with others.  And many more.  So, when I’m not liking a funk I’m in, or not happy with something my body is feeling or doing, or when I am standing, once again, on the edge of “poor me,” I can just step back, turn around, and feel the love and courage of all these amazing inspiring people.

Today, in particular, one very inspiring friend came to me with her project, asking for some input and assistance.  I jumped up, saying, “yes, please, yes!”  This is just what I love to do, and to be asked by someone who really inspires me to help her get her message out, well, yes, let’s get started.

I know I haven’t been here lately, friends, but I’m back, and I’m inspired, and I’m planning a post on acceptance. Stay tuned!

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Miracles of All Sizes

Today I am a guest on Nili and Sue’s 1000 Day Journey.  Come on over and read about my miracles!



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Taking Back Our Power—What Does That Mean?

I keep encountering the word power and different discussions and pretty posts urging me to take back my power, or step into my power. Power can be a loaded word. I never thought of myself as powerful, and it’s easy to see situations where power means control over others. I’d like to explore power as my freedom to choose, my will to choose, the idea that I have choice, and so does everyone else.  With this perspective, as I watch the news and listen to conversations, I’m struck by the observation that “we”—all of us, the big collective we—have given away this power in so many ways, and then we complain about what “they”—the big, imaginary monster we created—do for and to us!

Somewhere along the way, in big and small, gradual ways, we have said to our leaders, please take care of us. We have said, we need doctors to fix us.  We said to government, protect us and educate us. We said, please guide us. We abdicated responsibility, over time, as a collective.  And so “they” are trying. But what if it is time to share these tasks and take responsibility again? What if “we” truly becomes all of us, working together? What if it starts with gently taking back responsibility for ourselves?

Take food.  This example is clear to me. (Yes, you know I like to eat!) Someone came up with the idea to decide when food would no longer be fresh and when it would no longer be edible and to put those dates on the package!  When I think about it, I imagine a meeting at a food company where someone is called on to present his or her new idea, and he or she says, “let’s put dates on our packages so people know when food will still be good to eat.”   And so, you can imagine, begins the discussion. How do WE know? What will this help? Oh, right, if someone eats something past the date and gets sick, it’s not our fault! And if we are conservative with our predictions, we might save people from getting sick. That’s good, right? Underlying all this is the idea that people want us to protect them. It’s our job to decide for them. But we also know that if something goes wrong, they like to blame us, too. This can help!

How did it come to this?  What happened to our noses and eyes? What happened to our taste buds?  And yet, I have experienced people who just go by those dates. They don’t trust themselves to decide. They are afraid to eat something past its date!  I grew up with food without dates and mostly without packaging!! We had to decide for ourselves. And I don’t remember us wasting very much, or getting sick from our food.

Life is not one size fits all. We each have our own experiences, even our own experience of experiences that might appear to be shared. Think of siblings in a family. All raised together. And yet, each would tell their own story, their own experience of the family. And to keep the discussion on food, two of us could sit down and eat the same food just one day past its expiry date, and have two very different experiences for many reasons.  One of us might have a weaker immune system that day, and get sick, while the other doesn’t. One of us might have a cold and not detect a slightly off smell, while the other does. One of us might have put ours in the freezer while the other one was left out on the counter. One of us might believe in expiry dates on food while the others doesn’t! One of us might enjoy the food with no worry, while the other might be looking for symptoms all afternoon, wondering if it was ok to have eaten it.  One of us might be in our own power, trusting our judgments and instincts, while the other might still be giving it away.

The good news is, I’m sure that in big ways and small, gently and clearly, we can take back our power. This power is the power to decide, to know, and the willingness to take responsibility for ourselves and what happens to and around us. I’m going to decide it’s ok to eat this, and how I feel afterwards is my responsibility. I will blame no one! Go on, try it, but know that there is help available if something goes wrong. Then try it with other areas of your life.  What do you know to be true? What feels, looks, sounds, and tastes right to you? What if that is all that matters?

Yes, we are here to help each other and to support each other, absolutely, and I agree that this is powerful and can be empowering. But when we say, fix me, protect me, or decide for me, we aren’t using our power or sharing the responsibility. Instead we are giving it all away, sometimes even forcing it on another. And it leads to resentment on both sides, because we all really want to have some say in our reality, in our life, and we don’t usually want to be totally responsible for others. We all want to feel like we are taking part, not just being led or doing all the work. Let’s walk together.  Let’s remember this, whether we are the helper or the one asking for help.

Would you like to go deeper?  I recommend…

My Healing Vision for Claiming Power (a meditation with music and affirmations)

My Healing Vision for a Heart-Based Society (a meditation with music and affirmations)

Zero Limits by Joe Vitale, Ho’oponopono Healing (this one goes really deep, into 100% responsibility!)

Free Range Learning by Laura Grace Weldon, exploring radical choices and success with alternative education

The Dance by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, choosing to live consistently with your deepest desires

The Breaking of the Shell, a way to take responsibility for life and a new model for communication, and still an amazing price for Kindle!

Dying to Be Me, by Anita Moorjani, her discovery of the benefit of living true to herself and full of love

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l have actually wanted to ask Beth just this, how does she handle challenges. She has answered, beautifully.

Beth and Lee's Blog

beth mccain 7787

Yesterday was quite a day. As many of you know, Lee was taken to emergency with trouble breathing. Thank you for your emails asking how he is and how I am.  Each email sends even stronger positive healing vibrations to our family. We don’t quite have a diagnosis yet. There are a range of thoughts that only bloodwork and cultures will give a diagnosis. We’re looking at possibly congestive heart failure, pneumonia, or/and the flu. Lee is resting comfortably as of now.

So why am I posting this on a positive thought blog? There is a method to my ‘madness.’ ;)  Many of you have asked how to keep a positive state of mind during intense experiences when the experiences seem as if it is a train to many negative and fearful emotions and thoughts. I thought I would give you a peek into my own mind, body, and spirit…

View original post 564 more words

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The Gift of Change by Marianne Williamson

Not the destination I love when someone (through a book or a talk or a YouTube video or a Facebook conversation) helps me go deeper into something I’m beginning to know and remember.  This Christmastime Marianne Williamson is doing just that. I was nudged to pick up The Gift of Change that the receipt inside says I bought in 2009. It has been on my shelf all this time, and yet I knew when it was time to read it. In her words, I am finding so much that is speaking to me, that is confirming and deepening my understanding, right now.

As I started the book, I imagined sharing it with a friend, passing it along when I was finished, but as I went on, I knew I would not be parting with this book. I began to underline and note important passages. I paused to reflect, share and pray with ideas in the book.  I still plan to share the book with my friend, but I will buy another copy for her.

Marianne Williamson is a teacher of A Course in Miracles, which somehow I didn’t realize until reading this book, and so it is part of the perfection that I was not nudged to read this until this time, when I have begun to take in and resonate with ACIM, myself.

Practicing JoyShe has a way of sharing her truth along with stories that illustrate her points beautifully. She is talking about change and pain and how to not bury it and not gloss over it and not pretend it isn’t so bad, and yet, she also guides the reader out of wallowing, looking for pity or being the victim. It’s about responsibility and love. It’s about change and growth. And for me, right now, it’s perfect.

From the introduction

“Who we ourselves become, how we grow and change and face the challenges of our own lives, is intimately and casually connected to how the world will change over the next few years. For the world is a projection of our individual psyches, collected on a global screen; it is hurt or healed by every thought we think. To whatever extent I refuse to face the deeper issues that hold me back, to that extent the world will be held back. And to whatever extent I find the miraculous key to the transformation of my own life, to that extent I will help change the world. That is what this book is about: becoming the change that will change the world.”

I don’t want to necessarily recommend this book to you, but I do want to encourage you to let books and teachers and videos and pages and blogs find you.  I want to encourage you to read what you are nudged to read and to enjoy the inspiration of others when they appear in your reality. This is important to your well-being, and to the well-being of us all, for when you are inspired, enthused and aligned with Life, you give that out to all of us.

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